Smile4Ever is here to save you money... As easy as 1,2,3

We know dental in and out. We have been savings and supplying dentists products for over 9 years. Now is your turn to save.

Where is the catch, there is none.

We brought you the best products for your oral care at the best prices, reducing the mix-up of not having a fresh toothbrush when you need it and floss that doesn’t break or bristle. Our products are made from the best materials with a no-frills approach.

Why are our products great and you should use our products:

  • Improved rounded head shape - less sharp edges to bump into gum or ramus.
  • Long reach head stem.
  • Improved thumb stop.
  • Simple flat comfortable handle.
  • Easy grip.
  • 5 attractive colours.
  • Superior PA612 bristles, deliver maximum durability. Classic brushes contain the highest quality grade of soft Nylon bristles from Germany.


  • Extra strong polymer made with same filaments as bullet proof vest - WILL NOT BREAK
  • The multi-filaments produce a "scrubbing action" while flossing
  • Easier to insert with less risk of tissue trauma

Interdental brushes

  • Piksters interdental brushes are small cylindrical brushes designed to slide into and clean the spaces between the teeth.
  • They have lateral bristles that spring out to engage and remove the plaque in the small crevices in between the teeth.
  • Piksters have plastic-coated wire, which many dentist and hygienists prefer, as they will not scratch any implants you may have.
  • Piksters ease of use tends to make people want to use them habitually - which is good because it is important to effectively remove the plaque and its bacteria at least once each day.

Tongue Cleaner

  • Small angled head that allows you to access the back of the tongue eliminating the "gagging reflex"
  • A series of small fins that allow to remove the stagnant debris on the tongue